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ChatGPT with Kids: Fran’s Magical Travel Agency

That’s totally not that one certain Fran. Coincidence.
That’s totally not that one certain Fran. Coincidence.

I know I know…there’s a lot of drama going on at OpenAI, and most AI blogs are talking about that. Is Sam Altman the CEO? Is he out of favor? If you’re looking for that, you can find it all over google and social media. In the meantime, how about we have some fun, learn, and get creative with our kids and AI?

I have a growing collection of ideas for games and activities you can play with your kids and ChatGPT. Instead of jamming them into one listicle, I think I’ll break them out individually.

So here’s the first of a series of ideas on how to play with ChatGPT…with your kids. This is meant for kids of any age up to 12-ish. Yes, you have to play along, too.

Let’s Pretend with ChatGPT: Dream Vacation Planning with Fran

A magical field with a pony. Dream big.
Remember: You can go anywhere.

What It Is:

This is an imagination-based game that relies on role playing. The two of you need to truly pretend that you are planning the wild and creative vacation of your dreams…or your kid’s dream’s anyway.

Set the Scene for You and Your Child:

Tell them that you are going to play a creative imagination game with ChatGPT. You have to put your imagination in full gear and truly role play and pretend to make this as fun as possible. In this imagination game, you guys are pretending that you’re walking into a magical travel agency to plan the vacation of your dreams. This magical travel agency only opens once every 100 years, and you are lucky enough to have found it!

How to Play:

  • Go to ChatGPT (

  • Paste the Prompt Below: Cut/paste the prompt below into a new chat (the dialog box you’ll find front and center towards the bottom of your computer screen).

  • Talk to Fran: Fran will then ‘host’ you in her agency to plan the vacation. She will ask you questions about the trip geared to your child. You can also ask her questions about her magical agency!

  • Rename the Chat: After you enter the prompt, you can rename this chat thread “Fran’s Magic Travel Agency.” On the left-side of your screen you’ll see all of your chats including this new one. Hover your mouse over the new chat. You’ll see 3 dots. Click that and rename the chat.

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