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Creative Brainstorming with ChatGPT, Part 2: Your Team Brainstorm

This is post 2 of 2, republished from my previous Medium blog. Missed Part 1? Go back and read it first here.

Technormal blog cover image: Creative Brainstorming with ChatGPT, Part 2
The perfect stage to bring the team in? When you have a few ideas you like but are still open to input.

A couple of months ago, I was asked to give an AI presentation at a marketing conference in London, geared specifically for Chief Marketing Officers and Agency Leaders. As I was researching material before building the talk, I realized that there is a glut of content out there for technical "left-brained" use cases, from coding to math. But there was little-to-no content for us right-brained creatives -- especially for senior leaders with entire teams to educate, too.

Creative Brainstorming with ChatGPT was the talk I gave, turned into this 2-part blog post. In Part 1, we brainstorm 1:1 with ChatGPT (I linked to that at the top--check it out first). Here is Part 2, where you brainstorm with your team and ChatGPT.

Brainstorming with Your Team & Your Intern, ChatGPT

Here's my advice on how to enhance and guide a team brainstorm with an AI. I prefer ChatGPT, but use what you like best.

1. Pick Your Invitees Carefully. 6 Max.

We all know how hard it can be to manage a group brainstorm. You want everyone to feel free to contribute, but you still have to stay organized. The fewer team members, the better.

2. Have ChatGPT Craft Your Agenda.

This is just good brainstorm etiquette, and now you have your ChatGPT intern to do the heavy lifting with you.

3. Warm the Team Up on Using ChatGPT

It may feel like the world is talking a out AI, but the large majority of us have never touched ChatGPT before. We're going to get the team started with ChatGPT by giving them a fun, silly ChatGPT project to try before our meeting. Maybe make it optional? This should be light and fun. Below is an idea, but you can come up with your own!

4. Email the Team with the Agenda and the Hands-On Project

A few days before the brainstorm, email your team to give them more details (there are probably a lot of questions on what this meeting is all about!). Make sure to let them know you'll be including ChatGPT in this brainstorm. Ask them to suspend disbelief (and feeling silly) for this session. You'll be acting as if ChatGPT is a part of the team. I like to specifically use the language that you'll be brainstorming with ChatGPT...not using ChatGPT (as you would Google).

5. The Pre-Brainstorm Briefing for ChatGPT

Remember how we gave our ChatGPT intern lots of context in Part 1? The same applies here. Just like people need context (even geniuses), ChatGPT has no idea what you want when you start a fresh chat thread.

Instead of having to repeat everything, go back to your 1:1 brainstorm chat, and cut/paste the context you gave it on the project, your tangible goals (getting the new business, rethinking a creative vision, etc). Make sure to share those top 3-4 ideas you landed on with ChatGPT in Part 1. The more context you give your AI intern, the better equipped it will be to hit the ground running -- so you don't have to waste your team's time.

It's up to you, but I literally tell ChatGPT that it's job is to co-manage this team brainstorm with me. It's truly like having a brilliant helper. Below are a few ways to structure your team meeting using creative thinking activities that include ChatGPT.

6. The ChatGPT-Led Mindmapping

Here's a way to kick off the session with mindmapping. I include the prompts I would start with to conduct the activity. Remember: A prompt (like the below) is a starting place. Think of your ChatGPT prompts as a conversation...not a 1-time command.

7. The ChatGPT 1-on-1 Ideation Challenge

Have your team bring their laptops. Have team members start their own ChatGPT chat threads. Use the parameters below -- make sure to give a time limit, with each person reporting back to the group on what they came up with (prepare to laugh--some may be out there!).

8. The ChatGPT Idea Speedround

This activity is about spitballing with no judgement. The goal here is volume.

9. The 5-Minute Wildcard Concept Challenge

Below is a sample prompt for the ChatGPT intern.

10. Synthesizing Insights with ChatGPT

You've done some creative, fun things with ChatGPT...but being an intern isn't all fun and games. Before you assign someone with writing the recap email, consider giving the task to ChatGPT.

Go back to your chat thread -- the one you created a couple of days ago. Have everyone cut/paste/send you their results. You can then paste the agreed-upon ideas into your ChatGPT thread, assigning the drudgery to the intern.

ChatGPT loves a clear job to do. Because you've included ChatGPT in the entire process, it's primed to write up your results. It'll do so with joy.

And Remember My Hot Tip from Part 1.

If a human intern got something wrong, you'd correct them. If conversations are going in the wrong direction, you can always click the Stop Generating button on ChatGPT. Feel free to interrupt it mid-sentence.

I'd love your feedback, as I'm learning alongside you. Did you try this? Have better ideas? Did something hit right? Did it flop? Message me on LinkedIn to let me know.

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