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  • Technormal | AI Consulting

    hi. i'm katie richman . nice to meet you. as a leading ChatGPT coach, I specialize in AI executive education and customized AI tools for business, teaching leaders and their teams to leverage generative AI to exceed their organization's unique goals. ​ i work closely with senior executives and leadership teams, delivering workshop-style customized sessions that ensure hands-on learning and productivity from the very first session. check out my technormal blog for a peek at my overall AI and web3 outlooks. ​ in addition to my AI business consulting, I'm also an experienced new technology speaker, with deep experience presenting to senior leaders at industry conferences, retreats, and private events. my delivery is causal and straightforward, with a focus on customized, practical hands-on learnings, tailored to each audience. ​ if you don't see what you need in the services section, just click the button to reach out or book a quick vc on my calendly to discuss. i love to customize. email calendly blog

  • speaking | Technormal

    speaking + workshops INVITE KATIE TO SPEAK What's Real? Web3 + Live Sports SVG's 2023 Silicon Valley Video Summit Computer Science Museum, Mountain View, CA In this panel discussion at the Sports Video Group (SVG) Summit 2023, Katie Richman explores the transformative potential of spatial computing in the context of the metaverse. She delves into the convergence of geolocation-based spatial computing, social identity, and AI, and how these technologies can revolutionize the live sports experience for fans. speaking + workshops Katie brings her simple, direct new technology coaching style to organizations, teams, conferences, and events, providing leaders and their teams with generative AI and web3 education, workshops, and hands-on live how-to's tailored to each audience. ​ Leaders and senior teams will leave with actionable next steps to utilize new tech tools for immediate business impact. let's talk A VIP Fireside Chat with Katie Richman AI for Marketing Leaders Katie sat down with Agorapulse's Mike Allton for a 1:1 generative AI conversation, tailored for an audience of senior marketing + agency leaders, who left with actionable hands-on ways to use AI for business impact. Panel: How to Drive More Revenue with AI Panel: Using AI to Drive Agency Revenue Agency Summit's panel of AI experts share their wisdom and insights on how today's developments in AI can be integrated into every aspect of your agency to drive more revenue. Looking for something specific? Katie tailors 1:1 coaching, talks, + small-team workshops specific to the audience. let's talk

  • about | Technormal

    about katie Connect with Katie Read the Technormal Blog Katie Richman is a seasoned expert in the intersection of technology, media, and human behavior. With over two decades of experience in leading media and tech companies, Katie has honed her skills in understanding and leveraging new technologies to drive business growth and innovation. Katie's career journey has taken her through roles at Nickelodeon, Oxygen Media, ESPN, X Games, and Facebook Reality Labs, where she launched and oversaw global partnerships and business development. At Meta's New Product Experimentation team, Katie was at the forefront of exploring new, ground-breaking technologies. Today, Katie is the founder and lead consultant at Technormal, where she empowers business leaders and their teams to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. She specializes in AI executive education, providing tailored coaching and hands-on workshops to help leaders leverage generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, to meet their strategic business objectives. ​ Katie is not just a Web3 coach and a ChatGPT prompt-whisperer, but also a firm believer in the power of technology to augment our lives. She envisions a Web3 world where technology enhances real-life connections, and she's passionate about helping others understand and embrace this vision. Whether you're looking for a Web3 coach, a ChatGPT prompt-whisperer, or a long-term tech advisor, Katie is here to guide you. Connect with Katie to explore the intersection of data, AI, augmented reality, geolocation, and the real world. ​ Katie believes in a future where technology enhances real-life connections. She's not just an AI coach and a ChatGPT prompt-whisperer, but also a firm believer in the power of technology to augment our lives. Connect with Katie to explore the intersection of data, AI, augmented reality, geolocation, and the real world.

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