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Technormal Services

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Web3 + AI Education, Chat GPT Prompts + Product Development

At Technormal, we offer a range of services, from tailored coaching and hands-on workshops, to ChatGPT prompts, plugins, and chatbots customized for your specific business objectives.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? No problem. Contact us for custom solutions.

1:1 ChatGPT Executive Coaching

Customized web3 coaching series, specific to your leadership needs and goals. Choose from education across ChatGPT, blockchain 101, NFTs, Generative AI crash courses, or other priority business areas.

Web3 + AI Business Strategy

Partner with your business teams to develop short-term and long-term Web3 goals aligned with your business priorities and financial objectives. We produce strategic roadmaps with clear operational next steps.

Hands-On Team Workshops

Hands-on, in-person, 1-2 day workshops tailored to the needs of your senior executive leadership team, H1 / H2 goals, and the specific platforms you need to meet those goals.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Develop customized generative AI prompts (starting with ChatGPT) that your business teams can use to generate content, manage workflows, or produce digital content.

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